Oct 15th: Visit from our good friends at World Wide Cancer Research. They were doing photo-shots… a fair amount of unease of us all having to stand “looking natural” . Good thing we are scientist and not models.

Oct 14th: Our review in Trends in Cell Biology has been just been accepted for publication! Waiting for the proofs to arrive…

Oct 1st: Ricky has his first day in the lab is going to be working on our WWCR funded project. Ricky is coming across from Glasgow.

Sep 30th: Editorial published, which also marks the completion of the Special Issue. Good news, this Special Issue has also been selected to be printed. Nothing like a good old style printed paper format! Massive thanks to all contributors and reviewers.

Sep 23rd: Good news, Emelie Shepherd will be joining us as for a 20 weeks MSc project. She will be working with Jiwon on our HAW funded project.

Sep 18th: Congratulations Valentina. Valentina submit her thesis 3 years and 18 days after joining us. First PhD student from the lab. Viva late Oct, Post Doc position secured elsewhere. Here are a few things Valentina has completed in the lab. Well done Valentina!

Sep 16th: MRC FUNDED PhD POSITION SOON TO BE ADVERTISED!!! EU/UK students eligible. Data/computer savvy people especially encouraged to apply. Proteogenomics and Hippo. Stints at Karolinska included! Please email for further details.

Sep 10th: Wider lab tidy up. Now so tidy, that we cant find anything, anylonger …

Sep 3rd: Omar has his 2nd year progress meeting. Project really starting to take off…

August 15th: Jiwon has her 2nd year progress meeting, project progresses great. Whole thesis committee joins in for an interesting discussion on the Science… not bad, a lot of interest!

July 29th: Siyang turns his 40 weeks MSc thesis in, on time, with even five minutes to spare! Nice quality set of data. Siyang is staying with us a little longer to decipher more mechanistic insights, stay tuned!

July 25th: We are hosting Science Insight high school students in the lab this morning. Omar and Jiwon showing them different techniques that we use in the lab.

July 24th: Jiwon is off to Glasgow for her 2nd year Precision Medicine PhD program day out, where she will be presenting her interesting findings on new insights into mechanotransduction via the Hippo pathway.

July 24th: Susanna is having her 10 weeks PhD thesis committee meeting. Hope to get useful inputs! …… Update, we did, excellent engaging discussion with thesis committee!

July 19th: Carsten gives presentation on “Cellular signalling via the Hippo Pathway” at the Workshop for Integration of Engineering and Cancer Biology.

July 19th: The lab gets a tour of the new building, (still really only a shell), but interesting to get a feel for the scale, the layout and the great facilities. Looking forward to when the whole CIR moves across and becomes the new Institute for Regeneration and Repair (IRR),

July 5th: As part of the Action Mesothelioma day, Carsten goes to Leeds for the JHMRF hosted “meet the researcher day”.

July 3rd: Valentina’s Review submitted, fingers crossed for constructive reviewers.

June 28th: Hosting World Wide Cancer Research for a site visit, as part of our recent awarded funding from them.

June 26th: Summer tidy up in the lab and then off to “our own” local castle in Craigmillar for some late afternoon sun and exploration.

June 20th: CIR Away Day, good mixing with the rest of department and keeping tap on all the stuff going on at the CIR. Also exciting updates on the new Institute for Regeneration and Repair (IRR), where we will all be moving into new laboratory space in early 2021.

June 19th: Great news, we are CO-I’s on a successful SULSA Technology Seed Funding Grant, entitled “MesoTIRF: developing axial super-resolution microscopy across a 6 mm field of view”. We are looking forward to continue our collaboration with Professor Gail McConnell and her team.

June 10th: Valentina is soon finishing her PhD and is just back from her Italy job tour and has accepted a Post Doc in Turin! Congratulations Valentina!

May 28th: Richard has just accepted his job offer, and will be joining us in October as the lab’s first Post Doc! We are looking forward to working with you Richard!

May 27th: More good news, we just learned that our development application to the Jonathon Haw fund via the Kinross Trust was successful!

May 24th: Excellent news, our Special Interest group proposal for ASCB on “Cell Biology Meets the Hippo Pathway” has been successful. Funny thing, learned it via Twitter. I guess only fitting since the meeting is in DC, and at least some folks over there are fond of Twitter ;). Anyhow, stay tuned for exciting December meeting …

April 23rd: Omar’s review is now online!!

April 19th: Great news, Omar’s first publication reviewing the Hippo Pathway and prostate cancer is now accepted for the special issue on Disease and the Hippo Pathway: Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms. Waiting for the proofs, well done Omar!

April 5th:
Siyang presents his poster on his work so far as part of his Masters. Project and poster well received and good feedback! Well done Siyang!

March 19th: PostDoc opening advert now up. Come join us! Deadline April 22nd. See Job Advert.

March 19th: Omar presses the submit button for the first time in his career. Topical review for the Special Issue on the Hippo Pathway. Here is to hoping for constructive reviewers!

March 7th: Excellent news, Susanna has decided she wants to stay with us for her PhD! Exciting and fun collaborative fish project with Dr Yi Feng. Wellcome Trust funded student ship.

Jan 21st: Paper now in current version of Current Biology.

Jan 7th: We welcome Susanna Riley to our team. Susanna starts her rotation in the lab, she is a Wellcome Trust Repair Student.

Happy New Year! Welcome 2019, lets hope it is going to be fun and productive!

Dec 27th: Our paper is out at Current Biology! Congratulations to 3rd year PhD student Valentina Rausch. s://

Dec 14th: Our methods protocol book chapter is online, and also our first peak at the whole book. Looks overall like an excellent assembly of well described protocols. But not cheap!

Dec 11th: Festive celebrations at the Sheep Heid Inn, also celebrating the arrival of our proofs for the upcoming first paper from the lab: Topic: Caveolae and the Hippo Pathway.

Nov 9th: Valentina is giving her 2nd year Research In Progress talk.  Good timing as our paper is “in principle accepted”, more to follow, stay tuned!

Nov 7th: MRC Precision Medicine DTP PhD studentship advertised, Join us:

Nov 1st: Great news, lab receives flexible top up funds from the MRC for PhD student Jiwon Park, precision medicine DTP project.

Oct 2018: Excellent news from the MRC. Our good colleagues at the Vermeren lab (CIR) gets awarded a MRC project grant. We are pleased and very excited to be involved in this promising project (Dr Hansen is Co-I on this grant).

Oct 2018: New webpage launch, designed by PhD student Omar Salem!

Oct 2018: East Bio Student ship advertised, join us:–-revealing-fundamental-insights-cellular-aging-process.