We are keen to share our excitement about the various science projects we carry out. Our team is therefore very active in outreach activities with the younger generation of budding Scientists, the media, and the general public.

If you would like to talk science with us, hear about our projects, or learn about possibilities to engage with us, please feel free to contact Dr Hansen directly, or the CIR’s outreach lead Lana Woolford.

General CIR Outreach information.


Susanna Riley

Susanna awarded the CIR Public Engagement Award 2021!

Member of CIR Public Engagement (schools) committee.

STEM ambassador volunteer (government-funded STEM learning program).

Women in STEM Mentor for University of Edinburgh EUWiSTEM student society.

Devised an online activity on DNA and genetics for the Dundee Science Centre for primary school children to undertake during lockdown.

Science news writer for Edinburgh University Science Media EUSci. Written articles including a focus piece on Dorothy Hodgkin for Disability Awareness Month.

Helped to organise and run stalls for local science festivals, including hands-on dissection sessions and “Pin The Organ On The Body” and “Make Your Own Stem Cell” activities.

Helped to run “Your Amazing Immune System” workshops at local primary schools on vaccines and antibiotic resistance in partnership with Midlothian Science Festival.

Volunteered at an after-school STEM club at a local primary school, helping to deliver the CREST award. Plans to deliver her own CREST STEM club we scuppered by Covid lockdowns, but planning materials were used by others to deliver virtual STEM clubs during lockdown.

Omar Salem

Member of CIR Public Engagement (science festival) committee.

Omar was a co-applicant on the successful BSI public engagement award “Amazing Immunology: Be a scientist, build a vaccine”. The funds was used towards a workshop at the Edinburgh science festival in April 2020, where Omar participated in planning the event.

Dr Jiwon Park (2019-2021)

Member of CIR Public Engagement (schools) committee.

General Lab

We value interacting with the public, please also see our “NEWS” tab, where we highlight our general outreach activities.

This section is currently under construction, watch this space for updates on our lab members extensive outreach activities!

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