Feb 7th: It is getting a bit Fishy ….

Susanna and Michaela hard at work!

Jan 23rd Chinese New Year Xīn Nián Kuài Lè 新年快樂

Nancy help organising a Chinese New Year event at the IRR


Dec 1st: We say farewell to Yue, who first joined us for her 2nd rotation project and then stayed on for a three months internship with us, where she generated Crispr lines. It was great having you Yue, and we wish you good luck with the future!

Aug 17th: Lab Social at the Fringe. Fun evening out with pizza and story of the local Dolly

Ready for the Show!
From left to right. Marcin, Yue, (back, Omar), (front, Nancy), Siyang, Ricky, Krishna, Susanna and Michaela

May 5th: Tour of the new institute, where we are moving in early 2023, followed by Pizza. A few team members missing

March 15th: Yue and Shijia arrives for their first day in the lab.
They are joining us for their 2nd rotation on the MScR Biomedical program. Welcome!

Siyang bakes his first cake! Huge success, soon ready for the bakeoff!
March ’22 Team Photo for our present your paper day

Dec 9th: Christmas has come early….

Nov 22nd: Carsten is on the STV 6 O’clock news discussing precision medicine approaches in lung cancer

Nov 11th: Jiwon is now Dr Park. Congratulations!

Oct 4th: We are in the news. Discovery based research is the first step towards cures! Published in the Herald

Spot Ricky, Susanna, Siyang and Carsten in the pictures

Sep 28th: We introduce Dr Salem. Omar flew through his viva!

Dr Salem!

And the gift from the team!

Dr Salem’s present (as per tradition) depicting Omars PhD project from the talented Gill Howard

Sep 12th: Social WCR media portrays us!

Sep 11th: Walk in the Blackford Hills ….. nice view over Edinburgh, the castle again in the background … rather dramatic ending when Carsten got into close contacts with some not so impressed local residents (wasps)…. Scoreline Wasps 3 – Carsten 0

Sep 9th: Meet Susanna – The cure-starter! Part of WCR campaign

NB: Susanna is on the left……

June 11th: Walk in the Botanics. Spot the castle in the background. Nice meet-up!

May 7th: First meeting in person for a long time…walk up Arthurs Seat… most of us could make it and it was great to see each other. Monthly outdoor get together planned throughout the Summer!

Susanna, Jiwon and Krishna made it to the top! We had sunny weather … at least some of the time, it is Scotland after all ;).

2021 (ABove)

Dec: Carsten is holding a check for the Worldwide Cancer!

Sep: Ricky is shortlisted for the BioQuarter Post Doc Research Supervision Award

Aug 23rd: Our WCR research hit the news!

June 24th: Physically distanced walk up Arthurs Seat. Great to see folks again in real life!
June 12th: Ready for the hopefully soon reopening of our lab. Washable masks arrived, seems hard to find a reason not to use these, at least when indoor.
June 9th: Carsten is on STV to highlight the impact the 3 month long lockdown has on cancer research
Feb 26th: Emelie leaving due, dinner after our Escape room adventure. Emelie has now completed her MSc project with us, we wish her well!
Josh pictured on the right joined us for the evening as he is going to join us for his MSc 2nd rotation, working alongside
Dec 17th: Holiday outing, fun evening, although we had to cancel our Escape room event due to the police cornering off the street, maybe that was just part of the game?

2020 (Above)

Ricky (and his shirt) are in the holiday spirit
Dec 6th- Ricky, now a Science movie star! WCR interviews us on our mesothelioma project

Happy to help celebrate Worldwide Cancer Research 40 years birthday!

Our research is in the News!

Project discussion in the drum

NOV 2019: Team Photo!
Visitors from Zheijang University

Dr Rausch! Congratulations…

Guess what Valentina’s PhD project was on … Valentina does like bikes, but nope not anything to do with cycling…
Jewelry made by Gill:

CIR AWAY DAY June 2019

Chance to get new lab photo taken!
Omar, Valentina, Susanna, Carsten, Siyang and Ricky (to join in October).
Jiwon and Lisa missing again, camera shy ;)?

Craigmillar Castle June 2019

After lab tidy up, trip to Craigmillar Castle.
Siyang, Omar, Valentina and Susanna (missing Jiwon and Lisa)
From Craigmillar Castle, we can see our future “home”. The black building in the middle is the new building, that is part of the IRR, where we are moving in early 2021
Arthur’s Seat also visible in the back …
Team Picture

Topgolf 2018


Escape Room 2017

Screenshot 2018-10-21 at 16.39.34

Christmas Dinner 2016