Join Us

We are Always looking for motivated scientist with a strong track record to join us. We are always interested to support excellent candidates to pursue personal fellowships TO SUPPORT PROMISING RESEARCHERS TO PURSUE THEIR FUTURE INDEPENDENT CAREERS.

Some Postdoc Fellowships: EMBO FellowshipsNewton International Fellowships (Jan-April); Newton International INDIA Fellowship, BBSRC Discovery Fellowships (March-May), Marie Curie Individual Fellowships ( Apr-Sep), FEBS Long Term Fellowships (Open September – ) etc….

These types of personal fellowships are excellent ways towards independence, and we would be excited to facilitate and develop your research towards independence.

PhD Studies

PhD POSITION OPEN We have an EASTBIO BBSRC funded studentship available. “Cellular sensing and responses in the ageing niche“. Project is exciting, timely and interdisciplinary! Deadline to apply is January 6th, 2021, previous discussion with us is highly encouraged and in fact necessary. International Students also welcome. Please do reach out!

Additional PhD opportunity for any nationality, but with a first Class Honors from a Scottish university. Please see the Carnegie Trust for further information. If you are into the fascinating Hippo pathway and/or caveolae, regeneration, cancer, macrophages and/or zebrafish, please reach out, and we can tailor a project with you.

Internally funded PhD studentships are available for UK/EU students. The application to these scholarships generally opens between Oct – Dec (sometimes also in the Spring). We aim for that all PhD students, upon completion of their studies, should come out with a first authored publication.  In addition, if you would like to carry out your PhD studies with us and have alternative means of funding, please do reach out.

There are international funding such as Boehringer Ingelheim, with multiple deadlines during the year. Your country of origin, or where you reside might also have PhD Fellowship.

Do feel free to contact me in advance if you would like to undertake your PhD research with us.

Please also feel free to reach out to current members to find out how it is to work in the lab. Team members email addresses can be found under “The Team“.

We are a very supportive lab that want you to succeed!

Email Dr. Carsten for inquiries