Join Us

We are Always looking for motivated scientist with a strong track record to join us. We are always interested to support excellent candidates to pursue personal fellowships TO SUPPORT PROMISING RESEARCHERS TO PURSUE THEIR FUTURE INDEPENDENT CAREERS.

Some Postdoc Fellowships: EMBO FellowshipsNewton International Fellowships (Jan-April); Discovery Fellowships (Open NOW until June 11th), Marie Curie Individual Fellowships (Open Apr-Sep) etc.

These types of personal fellowships are excellent ways towards independence, and we would be excited to facilitate and develop your research towards independence.

PhD Studies

Currently we do not have any funded studentships available, however these come up now and then, so feel free to inquire. In addition, if you would like to carry out your PhD studies with us and have alternative means of funding, please do reach out. We are a very supportive lab!

Feel free to contact me for more info!

Email Dr. Carsten for inquiries

In general internally funded PhD studentships are available for UK/EU students. The application to these scholarships generally opens between Oct – Dec. Please feel free to contact me in advance if you would like to undertake your PhD research with us.